Music Movement and Art Studio (MMAS) is Seattle WA based child development program  aimed at providing children with an early introduction to music movement and arts. The program has been specifically developed for young learners through the use of games, storytelling, and light performance activity to appropriately match their developmental skills in order to provide a safe and fun learning environment.

I love to learn I love to teach and I love music. This is why I started this program…I have always had a ton of fun working with young student and making programs that are things that they actually want to do. I personally have 20 years of child care experience and 15 years of music performance experience.

My program has been developed with the preschool curriculum in mind. This program aims to help develop social/emotional and motor skill in young students. It is also intended to be fun for the students themselves, meaning no program is exactly the same!

Classes are tailored to the needs of the group and can be more or less complex/advance based on the developmental stage of the average student. The goal is that it is fun; if it is fun then they are engaged!!!
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