Studio Policies and Guidelines

Music Movement and Arts Studio (MMAS) is committed to creating a positive learning and teaching environment for its students and staff. MMAS defaults to the policies and regulations of the school that we are at. Before each program we outline the expectations and makes sure the students understand that the rules of the school still apply during the program and that this class is something they choose to participate in.

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Music Movement and Arts Studio accept music students of all ages and abilities based on availability year-round.

New students may register online, by phone (310) 497-6105 or in person. Registration is a yearly fee $59.00 this includes materials fee and they get a T-shirt.

Classes are charged in 12 week blocks pricing per student depends on the class student is enrolled in .
Registration is ongoing and classes can be prorated based on how far into the program that session is (if we have already done 3 weeks we will make it Registration + the 9 weeks left)
The 12 weeks can match you schools music program schedule. It’s a payment for 12 sessions held at the school that follow that schools holiday schedule.
Trail classes are free and we can do a ½ hour demonstration to give you an idea of what the class is like.
$59.00 reg+ 12 weeks at $20.00 per= $299.00

General program times
Sep-Dec (Fall session), Jan-March(Winter session), Apr-Jun(Spring session) , July-August (Summer session)

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Music Movement and Arts Studio does not generally offer refunds. Registration fee is non refundable, the unused lessons are only refundable in good faith, if the child moves to another school .


Students/ Schools must register prior to playing for classes. The rates for schools and individuals differ please check pricing for more info.

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Missed Lessons
Music Movement and Arts Studio studio holidays are listed below:
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving
• Christmas Day **
• New Year’s Day **
• Memorial Day
• July 4th

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If students miss individual lessons that week we just count it as an absence and no monetary compensation can be recouped. Reminders will be sent out to let parents know what day that school does music.
NOTE: Music Movement and Arts Studio does not follow the public or private school holiday calendar.

Summer Lessons
As preschool is year round we do have an 8 week summer program.


Weather Cancellations
Music Movement and Arts Studio follows the public or private school weather open/close schedules. In the event of weather MMAS will follow the individual schools schedule, make up classes can be arranged based on times and availability.

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